This Adorable Shar Pei Puppy Is The Fluffiest Thing You've Ever Seen (Photos)

At some point, every kid wished for a real version of his or her favorite stuffed animal.

But, if you thought living, breathing teddy bears only existed in your wildest dreams, think again.

Tonkey is a fluffy bear coat Shar Pei pup who recently rose to social media stardom, thanks to her unique and, not to mention, adorable teddy bear-like appearance.

Really, Tonkey is pretty much a canine version of Ted -- minus the profane language and horrible Boston accent.

A couple months ago, Tonkey's owner created an Instagram account hoping to make a few new friends for the pup, and since then, this teddy bear lookalike gained over 17,000 followers.

In fact, this baby Shar Pei is so Insta famous, people are actually trying to make #TonkeyTuesdays a real thing.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this big, adorable teddy bear dog.

Meet Tonkey.

At a first glance, you might think Tonkey is a giant teddy bear...

But this fur ball is actually a living, breathing dog...

...and she might just be the best damn thing to ever happen to the animal kingdom.

Tonkey recently became an Internet sensation...

...thanks to the Instagram account chronicling her daily doggy adventures.

It's obvious why people are losing their minds over Tonkey the teddy bear.

Aside from the fact that she's cute AF...

...this fluffy pup has a personality every human can relate to.

Tonkey loves to cuddle...

...and she always gives the best hound hugs.

She appreciates a good burger every now and then...

...and she even knows how to give high fives.

Like most of us, this mutt hates Mondays...

...and grocery shopping, of course.

How can you not love that squishy teddy bear face?

I'm totally in favor of #TonkeyTuesdays.

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