This Self-Driving Robot Makes All Sorts Of Deliveries Right To Your Doorstep

If you thought Uber Eats and Postmates were cool, you'll be blown away by Dispatch.

According to Forbes, this three-person startup focuses on building miniature robots, smaller than the average human, that can actually deliver packages, groceries and other items right to your doorstep.

This 3-foot-tall robot, which Dispatch has named "Carry," has the ability to navigate over sidewalks and closed campuses just like humans.

It can transport up to 100 pounds of dead weight, making the possibilities nearly endless. Not to mention, Carry's battery lasts longer than a full workday, with 12 hours of battery life.

After securing a $2 million investment, Dispatch's Carry delivery robot is being tested at two California-based institutions including Menlo College and Cal State Monterey Bay.

It shouldn't be too long until we see these high-tech cubes zooming passed us on the sidewalk!

As for other delivery services, there isn't much to be worried about. After all, companies like Postmates and GrubHub could work directly with Dispatch to add these delivery robots to their existing fleets, making them even stronger and more efficient.

Learn more about Dispatch here.

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