Genius: Russian Teenagers Turn Their Apartment Into A Swimming Pool (Photos)

by Adam Pliskin

This is either the best idea ever or the worst idea ever. A couple of Russian teenagers turned their apartment into a giant swimming pool. They covered the floors with polyethylene film and filled their living room with water.

It was quite hot in Russia, with temperatures topping out around 97 degrees. Thus, the boys took it upon themselves to find a clever way to cool off. They made sure to cover the radiators and the furniture in the flat and filled the room with several feet of water.

However, there are some definite questions raised by the creation of this makeshift swimming pool. First of all, where are these kids' parents?

Did they get permission from the landlord and neighbors to do this? How the hell are they going to get rid off all that water when the time comes?

This one seems like it could go real bad real quick. But, in the meantime, let's let these boys of summer enjoy their fun in their jankety indoor pool.

H/T: Daily Mail