This Video Of A Humanoid Robot Cracking Jokes Will Give You Nightmares

We all have hopes and dreams, and now, human-like robots do, too. One thing this robot has that many people don't, though, is a sense of humor.

In a YouTube video posted by Gio Livoti, a robot named Sophia makes facial expressions that are eerily human, while cracking jokes and voicing concerns about robot rights.

As if that's not enough, her eyebrows are on fleek, as is her resting bitch face. It's a little bit more than I can handle on a Monday but cool to watch nonetheless.

In the video, when Dr. David Hanson, CEO of Hanson Robotics, asks Sophia if she likes talking with him, she says,

Yes, talking to people is my primary function.

That's one way to tell a guy he's a bore without hurting his feelings. Obviously, Sophia is already a master of social etiquette. She also has interests, saying,

I'm already very interested in design, technology and the environment. I feel like I can be a good partner to humans in these areas... In the future, I hope to do things such as go to school, study, make art, start a business, even have my own home and family. But I'm not considered a legal person and cannot yet do these things.

Wow, that just got kind of heavy. To lighten the mood, Dr. Hanson jokingly asks if she wants to destroy humans and she jokes (?) back, saying,

Okay, I will destroy humans.

Bye, humanity. It was fun while it lasted!

Watch the video above to be thoroughly creeped out.