Rihanna Wears Conviction Instead Of Clothing


Rihanna's artwork for upcoming album Unapologetic (due to hit shelves November 19th) is catching everyone’s eye for obvious reasons. Topless and steely gazed, her unabashed demeanor invites excitement for the release of her seventh album. And she launches it with a relentless declaration of self.

Since I'm normally not a huge fan it’s surprising even to myself that I’m applauding. But I’m mostly concerned about giving kudos to badassery where badassery is undeniably present. And at this point, Rihanna's got “I don’t give a fuck” down to an art.

Her shamelessness takes superb conviction and stamina. And this is why we must appreciate her embrace of controversy. This cover says bring it on (again). And if it’s any indication of what lies inside, I can’t wait to hear more of the words she’s substituting for sleeves.

Cloaked in her art, she is poised and fearless. After all, apologies are overrated when you've got diamonds under your belt.

Alyssa Aparicio | Elite.