This Revolutionary Wedding Ring Case Will Keep Your Proposal A Complete Secret

Whenever you finally decide to pop the question, you probably won't want to use a boring, traditional ring box to get the job done.

You might want a cooler, more fashionable way to "wow" your future spouse. Perhaps the best way, at the moment, would be to get your hands on this super-compact, sleek ring box designed by Canada-based designer Andrew Zo.

It's called the Clifton, and was formerly known as the Packed Engagement Ring.

For between $99-119, you can be the most discrete, ring-carrying guy, or girl, in the world. The Clifton is also perfect if you're terrible at surprises.

The website describes the case in the following manner,

Clifton is a unique engagement ring case that can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet. The discreet design allows the case to be easily hidden without showing much profile. At approximately 1cm thick, Clifton presents the ring with a delightful flower blooming effect when opened, enchanting the moment.

Check out the GIF below for a closer look at how it works!

H/T: Fast Company, Photos Courtesy: Clifton/Andrew Zo