RED HOT Celebrates Redheads Through Sexy Art And Anti-Bullying Campaign


Everyone has a type. Even if you think you don't have a type, you have a type. Certain physical characteristics ruffle your feathers more than others.

Some like 'em tall, dark and handsome. Others prefer 'em lean, light-haired and cute.

And then there's the demographic of those who get fired up over the unique sex appeal of a redhead.

If you're one of those ladies, your day is about to be made, as RED HOT is on a mission to "rebrand the ginger male stereotype."

What is RED HOT? It's an art campaign, founded three years ago, with a mission to place red-headed men in the spotlight as the "ultimate male" -- sexy, confident and alpha.

The campaign has showcased several exhibitions, as well as published a book and yearly calendars, all celebrating the redhead demographic.

Founder Thomas Knights writes on the company's website,

Below is a teaser video celebrating the company's global outreach of its art book.

The campaign also supports anti-bullying charities and states on its website that it has raised upwards of 25,000 pounds, the equivalent of almost $38,000, for such charities.

In a 2013 interview with Huffington Post, Knights says,

Those who are interested in supporting the RED HOT campaign, or simply owning some red-haired eye candy merchandise, can buy a variety of items on the website, including calendars, coffee table books, t-shirts and more.

Proceeds from calendar sales are donated to anti-bullying charities. Who could say no to this?

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