These 25 Photos Of Rainbow Foodporn Will Get You Rainbow-Pumped For LA Pride


With LA Pride starting in less than 24 hours, we can barely contain our excitement. Between picking out colorful outfits, tie-dying everything in sight, turning our hair into pastel masterpieces and our bodies into moving pieces of art, no one could ever accuse the LGBT community of being drab.

But what's missing from this pre-Pride list? Rainbow foods of course! Celebrate the countdown to LA Pride by drooling over these gay-tastic cupcakes, cookies and sushi -- wait, sushi?! Yep, you'll see.

Go ahead. Lick the rainbow.

Or this, more natural, rainbow.

A little rainbow doughnut never hurt anyone...

Nor did a little rainbow sushi.

You don't need to guess the flavor...

When the flavor is rainbow.

Some things are way too precious to eat.

Not sure what this is, but we want to eat it.

This, too.

And this.

We'll take two of those please.

All Oreos should be rainbow Oreos.



Are you having a rainbow-induced seizure yet?

Because we're not done yet...

You know this list wouldn't be complete without rainbow bagels...

On rainbow bagels...

On rainbow bagels.

Because they're RAINBOW.



That's enough rainbow foodporn for one day.

Psych! Did you really think we'd forget about rainbow drinks?!

Gotta quench that rainbow thirst.

If you're looking for more rainbow-themed everything, along with a healthy dose of camaraderie and acceptance, be sure to check out LA Pride this weekend!