Police Find Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars, Exotic Animals And Gold Guns In Mexican Drug Lord's Home (Photos)

In a recent raid that took place inside of a Mexican drug lord's home, millions of dollars in cash, deadly weapons, exotic animals and enough drugs to make entire country fall into addiction were confiscated by officials.

The name of the bad guy wasn't disclosed by the Internet, but someone managed to get hold of a series of photos that show the different types of things that were found in the home.

It's everything you'd expect from a filthy rich Mexican drug lord who's been in the game for years. Have you ever wondered why the drug problem in the world is so difficult to combat? It's because of criminals like this. Check out the photos below.

Tons of cash was found.

Who needs a walk-in closet when you have a walk-in money room?

Exotic wildlife was found as well.

To think that this isn't the only home in the world like this is shocking.

Gold-plated firearms and other deadly weapons were confiscated.

As if the "money room" wasn't enough, here's a closet filled with cash.

Religious-themed handguns were scattered throughout the home.

Here's another undomesticated animal in a cage.

Not all of the firearms were to be used. Some of them were put in display cases with descriptions attached to them.

Both labeled and unlabeled bags of money were in every room, along with rare custom-made guns.

This is the backyard.

Clothes? Nope. Another closet filled with cash, just because.

We're not sure how these animals were able to be transported to this home under the radar, but they were.

Multiple suitcases filled with blood money were found as well.

Guess how much this bed costs?

...Or, maybe it isn't a bed. Maybe it's just a display table for assault rifles.

The home itself featured carved fixtures and decorations throughout.

Gold-plated guns and matching bullets were a regular theme throughout the property.

File cabinets filled with money.

Here's a shot of the exterior.

Photos courtesy of: Imgur