These Plates Are Specifically Designed To Make Meals Instagram-Worthy (Photos)

You don't have to consider yourself a seasoned foodie to snap an Instagram picture of dinner.

People at lunch, dinner dates, customers standing in line for cronuts... At this point, everyone does it.

But believe it or not, there's a right way to take a picture of your food without grossing out all of your followers.

If you're looking to learn a thing or two, you might want to indulge in Foodography. It's a series of events and activities centered around mobile food photography. In other words, it's something you probably do every day that you can do better.

This particular event, held in the form of a five-course dinner, was hosted by Chef Meir Adoni, a businessman and chef who owns the Tel Aviv-based restaurant group Catit.

But there was a lot more at this event geared toward tech-savvy Millennials and their eating habits.

Carmel Wineries, the Israel-based company that created the overarching concept for this, worked closely with ceramic artist Adi Nissani to create special plates for the event that allow for the ideal positioning of your phone.

That's right, there's a plate made so you can take the perfect picture of your food.

Overall, the experience is going to run you about $155 an hour, but if you plan on making food photography one of you primary hobbies, it might not be too bad of an idea.

This plate is primarily used for capturing images of your food with vibrant backdrops.

If you like close-up images, you'd probably use this one.

 Imagine capturing a photo like this... on your iPhone.

Foodography is primarily geared toward teaching tech-savvy people how to master the art of food photography.

Those interested can take classes with a food photographer for $155 an hour.

Check out the video below for a closer look at Foodography.

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