This New Plane Has Something That Could Help Eliminate Your Jet Lag (Video)

If you've ever trekked halfway across the world, you know air travel can be seriously exhausting.

But luckily, Airbus just created a new airplane, the A350 XWB jet, solving one problem every jet-setter is literally tired of dealing with.

That's right. The A350 XWB was partially designed to eliminate jet lag, so thanks to this innovative airplane, struggling with fatigue after a long flight will only be something that exists in your worst dreams.

So, what makes this plane different from its predecessors?

Apparently, the A350 is equipped with lights that sync with your natural circadian rhythm and change color temperature based on the sun's illumination.

The A350 also has a high-tech filtration system circulating air through the plane every few minutes and aims to make passengers more comfortable by pressurizing the cabin to 6,000 feet.

Plus, the new model offers a smoother ride and includes more space, so soaring across time zones won't affect your ability to sleep like a baby on board.

If that's not impressive enough, you'll be glad to know the A350 also has some other exciting new features such as a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic frame, a larger wingspan and Rolls-Royce engines, making this model more aerodynamic and energy efficient.

Alain De Zotti, chief engineer of the A350 XWB program for Airbus, reportedly said,

We're trying to make the jet relevant for the future. There's an open architecture that can evolve to welcome new functions and can cope with the evolution of technology.

If you're looking to snag a seat on one of these bad boys, Qatar Airways is one of the first airlines to introduce these planes to its fleet.

Check out the video for a closer look at the Airbus A350 XWB jet.

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