Incredible Photo Series Reveals The Truth Behind 'Perfect' Instagrams

by Robert Anthony

For almost five years now, Instagram allowed society to control what everyone thinks of each other through photography.

Those poolside snapshots you see of that stunning "model" are likely Photoshopped despite #NoFilter in the caption. And that $300,000 sports car probably doesn't belong to the rapper who took a selfie behind the wheel of it!

Because of this, there are people chasing dreams nearly impossible to achieve. Or, at least those dreams require a lot more than having the most followers on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, even those picture-perfect shots you see on Instagram aren't perfect in real life.

What might seem like great, natural photography is actually just a small portion of a scene taken away from the real world and uploaded to an app where millions of people try to paint the illusion of a perfect life.

In a recent photography series put together by Chompoo Baritone, the Bangkok, Thailand-based photographer highlights the truth behind Instagram photos and what goes on behind the scenes of your smartphone.

The results? They're brilliant, but they're nothing we weren't already aware of.

I mean, did you actually expect Instagram users to be completely honest about their lives when all it takes is 10 seconds to crop something out, select a filter and think of a witty caption?

Check out the photos below for a closer look!

In a new photo series, photographer Chompoo Baritone highlights the truth behind Instagram photos.

The photos you see are just slivers of someone's life.

Having the abilities to crop objects out and apply filters to photos, users are able to portray lives they don't actually live.

Sure, there are people who try way harder than others do to gain followings and be cool on Instagram...

...but even the most simple photos don't actually capture reality.

Instagram allows users to pick and choose how you perceive them.

Baritone's series captures each picture-perfect Instagram photo's surroundings as well as the altered sliver.

So far, Baritone managed to snap about eight photos for the series. We hope to see more soon!

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