Photographer Uses Water Balloons To Give People Insane Hairstyles (Photos)


If you thought having an awesome hairstyle required having actual hair, think again.

Thanks to one Southern California-based photographer, there's a new type of wig making quite a splash in the art scene.

Meet Tim Tadder.

In his latest project, Water Wigs, Tadder created a series of incredible hairstyles on his bald models.

However, Tadder didn't dress up their bare heads with boring wigs that look like human hair.

Instead, he used water and the laws of gravity to transform their tresses into a variety of flowing, liquid locks.

To create these hydro hairdos, Tadder either had his colleagues bombard the bald models with water balloons while he snapped away or he wrapped the models' shiny heads in long, skinny balloons and popped them with a laser and sound trigger.

Tadder's use of vibrant color palettes and playful poses really enhance the visual effects in this stunning series, and his hilarious photos prove you don't need a full head of hair to look absolutely fabulous.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these amazing water wigs.

Tim Tadder created some seriously impressive hairstyles.

However, Tadder isn't a scissor-wielding hair stylist at some fancy salon.

He's actually a photographer. Instead of styling normal hair...

...he made incredible wigs out of water.

He used a bunch of bald models and different kinds of water balloons.

Tadder was able to capture each unpredictable hairstyle...

By wrapping skinny balloons around his models' heads and popping them with a laser and sound trigger...

...or by having others drop water balloons onto the models' heads while he manned the camera.

His flowing hairstyles include everything from brilliant bobs...

And long, colorful tresses...

To magnificent mohawks...

...impressive man buns...

...and perfectly placed top knots.

All of his watery weaves are pretty awesome...

..and show being bald is absolutely beautiful.

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