Daniel Cerejo

Photographer Creates Hilarious Scenes With Childhood Action Figures (Photos)

As kids, we all loved spending hours constructing imaginative scenes with our beloved toys.

But no matter how old you get, you'll always be a kid at heart, and you're never too old to relive your childhood memories and whip out some of those old-school actions figures once in a while.

Recently, photographer Daniel Cerejo has been getting pretty crafty with his favorite childhood toys, and he created an awesome visual series on his Instagram account, dcerejo.

In his clever photos, Cerejo highlights the adventures of his action figures by injecting them into a variety of interesting real-life situations. These whimsical characters seem to make everyday life seem much more comical.

Whether he's capturing the dark side of breakfast with Darth Vader or bringing Batman out of his lair to give a helping hand with some household chores, Cerejo's imaginative images are pretty awesome, not to mention absolutely hilarious.

Woody's just taking a relaxing Fruit Loop bath.

Mr. Potato Head knows the importance of looking good.

Rom coms can really get the best of these toys.

Can't have any wrinkles in that bat cape.

Rock, paper, scissors... shoot.

It's a superhero snack attack.

No toy is safe from slumber party pranks.

Even bad guys need to start out the day with a delicious breakfast.

Fall over, you will not.

A tasty bowl of soup can treat any toy ailments.

Luke, I am your fiesta father.

Super slippers, away!

Woody knows when it's time to wash that smelly laundry.

Darth Vader is about to bring on the dark side.

Clean those ears, you must.

All that orange juice goes right through Captain America.

Loose buttons are no match for a Super seamstress.

Buzz is up to his eyeballs in candy.

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