You Can Now Get A Personalized Nutella Jar With Your Name On It

by Robert Anthony

It looks like Christmas stockings just got one hell of an upgrade.

For the first time ever, London's Selfridges department store is selling personalized Nutella jars featuring people's names on them.

Despite the fact that you'd have to be in the London area to pick up a jar, it's still a pretty awesome concept. Who wouldn't want a jar of Nutella with their name on it?!

The personalized Nutella jars aren't yet available for online purchase.

Those interested in gifting themselves, or someone else, a customized jar of Nutella will have to call Selfridges to place an order, or go to Selfridges and inquire about the hazelnut goodness.

A jar of Nutella with your name on it is perfect for preventing office thieves with sweet tooths from digging in when you're not around!

Check out the two examples below for a closer look.

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