A Group Of Idiots Pulled A Turtle From The Ocean To Take Selfies With It

Less than a week ago, a group of tourists in the Dominican Republic were under fire for their shocking actions after they pulled an innocent, live shark from the ocean just to take photos with it. As a result, the shark died.

This time, a group of people in Jiyeh, Lebanon, were spotted yanking a sea turtle out of the ocean for a spontaneous selfie session on the beach. According to BuzzFeed, the Lebanese Civil Defense rushed to the aid of the 50-year-old turtle, who was injured during the incident on June 14.

Since then, photos capturing the moment the turtle-wielding beachgoers decided to use the innocent sea creature as a selfie prop have gone viral.

Check out the photos below and try not to punch your screen beyond repair.

The need for memorable summer selfies overcame a group of beach goers in Lebanon when they saw a sea turtle swimming close by. Instead of caring about the turtle's well-being, they decided to pull the turtle out of the ocean for photos.

Green Area International

The poor turtle, who was injured during the incident, became a photo prop as beachgoers lined up for selfies.

Green Area International

After receiving alerts about the wild stunt, the Lebanese Civil Defense showed up to rescue the turtle who is now being cared for around the clock by veterinarians in a fresh pool of seawater.

Lebanon Civil Defense/Elias Abboud

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, Lebanese Civil Defense spokesperson Elias Abboud revealed,

The turtle will be released when we are sure that it is completely healed and recovered and strong. It cannot even eat on its own yet.

There has been no word on the consequences, if any, given to the group of people involved. But it's good to know the turtle will eventually be able to return to its home -- and the little dude will return more badass than ever.

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