Parents Hilariously Explain Why Their Kids Think They're Assh*les (Photos)

Every parent knows raising a child can be an uphill battle.

In fact, most of the things you do to protect the wellbeing of your beaming little bundle of joy will get make your child think you're actually a gigantic assh*le.

Recently, Kristen Howerton set out to showcase the struggles of being a mom by creating a hilarious Instagram account called Assh*le Parents.

Howerton quickly discovered she wasn't the only assh*le parent rearing an unruly kid.

After uploading a few photos capturing her daughter's ridiculous temper tantrums, other parents began coming forward and sharing their own tales of being assh*les.

While all of the photos posted by Howerton are pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh, seeing these screaming children will probably make you think twice about becoming a parent yourself one day.

Take a look at the photos below to see the Assh*le Parents Instagram account.

My assh*le mother won't let me eat cookies and get crumbs all over the car.

WTF, Mom? I said I wanted a cinnamon roll, not some sh*tty PB&J sandwich.

Mom and dad said they had to sing "Happy Birthday" before I could touch the cake.

My assh*le parents only bought chocolate chip cookies.

Mom took away my straw when I tried to stick it in my sister's ear.

My awful parents won't let me use the Kindle while I eat my oatmeal.

Mom wouldn't make the cereal stop getting stuck in my straw, so now I have to eat it with a spoon.

My assh*le mom wouldn't let me play with trash.

Mommy wouldn't turn down the volume of the restaurant noise.

My sh*tty parents wouldn't let me eat chapstick.

My horrible dad made me ride a pony.

My pops wouldn't let me play with power tools.

Mom made me celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

My Dad sucks because he wouldn't let me play in the garage by myself.

My parents are total assh*les because they wouldn't buy me all the toys.

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