The 6 Most Annoying Things Anyone Who Owns A Car Can Relate To

by Robert Anthony

If you own a car and live in a major city, you know looking for parking is just brutal.

The same goes for your friends attempting to elect you as the designated Uber driver of the night every time you go out.

Sure, owning a car of your own means owning just a bit more freedom as far as getting around is concerned, but is it even worth it? Hey, there are pros and cons to every situation.

As owner myself, I'd have to say that say the cons may just outweigh the pros. Here are the 10 most annoying things every car owner has to deal with.

Getting your car serviced.

There's never a good time to get your car serviced.

As a matter of fact, you realize how much you depend on your car when you take it to the service shop. You become confined to a headache-inducing waiting room for an hour or more as you stare at CNN segment reruns.

Self-driving cars? Yeah, those are cool and all, but I'll settle for self-servicing cars.

Someone get Elon Musk on the phone!

Bad weather immediately after getting a car wash.

We've all been there.

Your car's been collecting dust for weeks and you finally have time to drive it over to the car wash. You decide on getting the VIP wash with the extra hot wax and Armor All for an extra-shiny finish.

Little do you know, it's going to rain tomorrow - all day long.

You're convince someone's out to get you.

Finding parking.

Owning a car seems like a brilliant idea until you realize you've been trapped in it for an hour while looking for parking.

Drivers used to navigating around congested cities can relate to this point best.

Whether you're simply trying to parallel park on a quiet residential street after a long day, or you're feverishly looking for a diagonal parking space at the movies, parking is never easy.

Some days it'll make you wish you called a car service.

Sharing the road with other drivers.

Despite how safe of a driver you might be, not every driver you share the road with knows what he or she is doing.

From cutting over four lanes without ever signaling to prematurely pulling onto a major road in front of oncoming traffic, these careless beings are pretty much everywhere.

Driving requires care and focus, but many drivers lack both.

Owning a car is fun until you get back to your car from grocery shopping only to find a giant dent in your door from the car parked next to you.

Having people in your car.

The moment you get the keys to your new car, you start thinking of the endless possibilities. You're instantly down to road trip or simply make a late-night drive-thru run with your buddies.

The cold, hard truth is that these things sound a lot better than they actually are.

Especially when people who don't own cars themselves are trying to control your radio, won't stop slamming your doors and insist on overriding what your navigation system is instructing you.

Being mistaken for an Uber.

This point applies best to people who own black cars.

If you happen to own one, there's a chance that drunk girls have stumbled into your door mistaking you for an Uber driver at 2 in the morning. With all of the ride-sharing apps out there these days, most people just assume every car on the road is an Uber.

It's super annoying, OK?