You Will Soon Be Able To Order Pizza By Simply Tweeting The Pizza Emoji

If you thought ordering your pizza on Seamless or with a voice app was cool, you haven't seen anything yet.

Thanks to Domino's, you may soon have you pizza at the push of a button.

Literally, just one button -- or emoji, to be exact.

On May 20, Domino's will become the first major company to roll out a new pizza delivery system on Twitter. It's called "tweet-to-order," and the new method lets US residents order pizza using the popular social media platform.

If that doesn't sound impressive enough, you'll be glad to know you don't even have to type in your order.

With the new service, frequent customers can get their favorite delectable cheesy pies delivered straight to their doors by simply tweeting a pizza emoji. Simple.

According to Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle,

It's the epitome of convenience. We've got this down to a five-second exchange.

Now all Domino's has to do is figure out how to teleport our pizzas to us...

Forget ordering pizza with words. Thanks to the new Domino's "tweet to order" service...

Domino's Pizza

All you have to do is tweet a pizza emoji to @Dominos and within no time you'll have a piping hot pizza delivered to your door.


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