Old-School Disney World Costumes Will Seriously Give You Nightmares (Photos)


Ask any kid what his or her favorite place in the world is, and 90 percent of the time, the answer will be Disney World.

But who can blame them?

Everyone from toddlers to all-star NFL players love this park packed with lovable cartoon characters. Disney World is a place where all of your wildest wishes come true, and visitors can meet their favorite fairy tale characters in real life.

However, the Disney World we all know and love today has come a long way since it first opened back in the 1950s.

If you take a peek at some vintage Disney vacation photos, you'll see this magical land hasn't always been the happiest place on Earth.

In fact, Disney used to have some pretty dark days in terms of costume design, and oftentimes, these fairy tale mascots looked anything but welcoming and whimsical.

Seriously, you might want to brace yourself, your childhood memories of Mickey Mouse are about to get downright creepy.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these terrifying vintage Disney costumes.

Old school Mickey and Minnie make a pretty scary couple.

This kid is wishing upon a star to get as far away from these creepy characters as possible.

The Big Bad Wolf needs to do everyone a favor and make these three terrifying pigs disappear forever.

Just smile, say "cheese" and try to ignore Mickey's facial deformities.

Based on those heels, someone might assume Mickey spent his early days as a cross-dresser.

Minnie has really come a long way since the horrifying days of being a big-handed conehead.

This evil stepfamily looks absolutely frightening.

This Mickey Mouse only has one facial expression: terrifying.

Demonic Pooh bear demands you hand over the honey.

This lady should be planning her escape route.

And they lived scarily ever after.

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