This Is What Millennials Will Be Wearing When They Retire (Photos)

We've all seen the latest fashion trends worn by thin, sky-high models on the runway and in magazines.

But, have you ever wondered what all of your favorite Millennial styles would look like if they were propelled about 30 years into the future?

Well, thanks to one London-based photographer, this question has finally been answered.

Recently, Alex de Mora teamed up with stylist Kylie Griffiths, set designer Penny Mills, hairdresser Sami Knight and makeup artist Lydia Warhurst, to create a series of high fashion editorial photos, titled "Life Of Leisure."

The series predicts what your Millennial style game will look like when you finally reach those good old golden years.

By casting models over the age of 60 and decking them out in today's hottest trends, Alex and her team essentially transformed the elderly into a bunch of badass style icons -- proving our fashion sense will still be on fleek as geriatrics.

According to Alex,

I was inspired by the character I saw when taking personal photos of my Grandmother, and I thought why not transform this into an fashion editorial.

All of her slightly surrealistic fashion photos feature a mix of leisurewear with some hip-hop inspiration.

From grandpas with gats and old gals with grills, to divas who certainly retired from the fashion game, there's no denying all of Alex's images are both clever and hilarious.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Alex's "Life Of Leisure" visual series.

This designer-dripping diva hasn't retired from being fashion icon.

Forget dentures; these badass geriatrics rock icy grills.

Nothing screams style like gramps with gats.

Oldies love Adidas.

This elderly outfit is straight fire.

Yeah, come over, I'm throwing a rager with all my cats at 5 pm.

It's Wednesday and you're wearing orthopedic shoes. You can't knit with us.

Ball so hard geriatrics wanna find me.

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