The Sunset In New York City Tonight Was Absolutely Insane (Photos)

This evening, New Yorkers got to experience the magic of mother nature first-hand during what might just be the year's most brilliant sunset.

For a few short minutes, the sky above our fair city was streaked with striking oranges and electric pinks, moody blues and calming purples. Then, as soon as it came on, the sun set behind the skyline.

Since nature is pretty much a foreign concept to us urbanites, we could hardly contain our excitement about the rainbow of colors above us.

New Yorkers from the Bronx to Bay Ridge whipped out their phones to document the stunning display, and we've got the beautiful photos to prove it.

Check out tonight's incredible sunset, below.

Manhattan's sky was ablaze tonight.

The electric colors hardly looked real.

The striking sunset covered the entire city.

It was a rainbow of bright pinks...

Fiery reds…

Soothing blues…

And majestic purples.

For a few short minutes, everything was perfect.

And the stunning sunlit sky was the perfect backdrop for the city's skyline.

New York, we love you.