This Company Found A Way You Can Rent An Epic NYC Apartment For Really Cheap

If you live in New York, you know renting an apartment in Manhattan is by no means cheap.

Yep, it physically pains me to go down to my landlord once a month and fork over two-thirds of my paycheck for an apartment basically the size of a glorified closet.

But hey, that's New York City for you, right?

Luckily, your days of being rent-poor may soon become a thing of the past, thanks to a new company promoting the idea of shared living spaces.

That's right. WeLive, a communal living space run by WeWork, just opened this week.

For the price of $1,375, you'll be able to score a spot in a building that comes packed with insane amenities, like a wellness room, a bar stocked with beer and a rooftop deck.

The only downside is you'll have to share a kitchenette and bathroom, and your bedroom will be occupied by two people, with beds separated by a privacy curtain.

But I mean, that's what most of us Manhattanites are doing in buildings way sh*ttier than this one, so it sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this awesome living space.

WeLive, an awesome new communal living space, just opened its first building in New York City this week.


It's located at 110 Wall Street in the Financial District, and for just $1,375, you'll have access to perks, like a wellness room, a laundry room, a chef's kitchen, a bar and even a rooftop deck.


But, that's not all. Each apartment also comes fully furnished with linens and dishes. Plus, there's free Internet, cable, sparkling water and beer. Yes, BEER!


If free beer isn't enough to make you reevaluate your current living situation, you'll be glad to know WeLive residents can also gain access to wellness classes, cleaning services and events for just $125 a month.


Residents will have to share a kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom, though.


If you're not down to go back to your days of living dorm-room style, you can also get something offering a little more privacy, like your own bedroom in a shared apartment for $2,000 a month or a studio for $2,550.


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