Nothing Says America Quite Like The 40 Worst Photos Ever Taken At Walmart

by Robert Anthony

With Independence Day creeping up on us, it's important to tap into our American roots. Pull out the beers, fire up the grill and go to a real American place, like Walmart. Places like this are how America really made a name for itself.

It is truly the most patriotic place where you might find yourself. I mean, what's not to love about our fellow Americans devouring Big Macs as they run dangerously low on their dependable scooter batteries?

The people of Walmart are the people of America. As a matter of fact, there are more people needlessly riding around on mobile scooters, revealing their butt cracks than there are people eating fried Oreos at LAVO brunch. Majority rules.

Check out the 40 worst photos ever taken at Walmart. God bless America!

Photos Courtesy: People of Wal-Mart