These People Traveled Bali Without Using Phones, And It Was Incredible (Video)

Let's face it, when traveling, the first thing we do is make sure our phones are fully charged.

It makes sense; we need these devices to communicate and coordinate our lives whether we're in our hometowns or somewhere overseas.

But what if we disconnected for just one trip to, say, Bali?!

Well, that's exactly what YouTuber Devin Super Tramp decided to do along with a group of friends in a recent video uploaded to the videographer's channel.

The video, titled "Bali Road Trip in 4K!," uses the theme #onedayoffline.

Apart from the breathtaking scenes of Bali captured throughout the trip, it's interesting to see how much the world has to offer when your head isn't buried in your smartphone as you switch from app to app.

Check out the footage above for a closer look!