There Is Now A Hillary Clinton Emoji Keyboard, And It's Life-Changing (Photos)

If you happen to be an avid Hillary Clinton fan, you're in for a pleasant surprise: There's a Hillmoji keyboard launching for iOS and Android today, and it's kind of amazing.

That's right. Thanks to the mobile messaging company Snaps, you can now support some presidential girl power by ditching the boring smiley face emoji for some badass Hillary Clinton heads.

These Democratic candidate emoji were designed by Made by Radio, and the keyboard includes a collection of Hillmoji, stickers and GIFs that work on any messaging app. The Hillmoji keyboard will also be updated regularly to go along with important milestones in Hillary's campaign.

If you're looking to spice up your convos with a little Clinton, you'll be glad to know you can download the keyboard for free on the Snaps website today.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome new lineup.

Snaps just made an awesome Hillmoji keyboard... now you can add your favorite presidential candidate to all of your conversations.

The keyboard will have a variety of Hillmoji and stickers...

As well as Hill-arious GIFs...

...and lots of pantsuits, of course.

In addition to Hillary's signature sunglasses, suits and cell phone, the keyboard will also have stickers regularly updated to coincide with the Clinton campaign.

 The keyboard aims to raise awareness about Hillary's campaign among Millennial voters...

...and, most importantly, encourage young voters to get out there and support their favorite female candidate in the presidential election.