Ferrari Just Unveiled This Absolutely Insane New Supercar

As the Geneva Motor Show approaches, automakers are gearing up for the most anticipated car event of the year, and Ferrari is no exception.

If you've been paying attention to the latest in auto news, you may have heard about Ferrari's exciting announcement.

If not, let me fill you in.

The Ferrari FF just got a badass makeover and a brand new name to boot!

Say "hello" to the updated version of the FF, the GTC4Lusso.

This gorgeous four-seat car is the latest to join the automaker's lineup of Italian sports cars and is designed to be the perfect everyday vehicle for someone who wants practicality and performance rolled up into one seriously good-looking car.

The car features a sleek aerodynamic design Ferrari describes as an "extremely streamlined, tapered shape that gives it an almost fastback-like silhouette."

Under the hood, you'll find a powerful engine that allows this baby to hit top speeds of 208 miles per hour.

Inside the car, you'll find an interior that's simply oozing in elegance and luxurious new features like a 10-inch HD touch-screen display.

But that's not all. Thanks to the GTC4Lusso's innovative four-wheel drive system and slip side control technology, you can take this sleek sports car out for a spin in all conditions, including snow-covered roads.

Ferarri plans to debut the GTC4Lusso at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this amazing automobile.

Say "goodbye" to the Ferrari FF...


...and "hello" to the FF's updated version, the GTC4Lusso.


The elegant new model has a sleek, streamlined design that improves the car's aerodynamics and looks insanely stylish.


Plus, you'll be glad to know this thing has a rear that's just as impressive.


The GTC4Lusso can hit a top speed of 208 mph with its powerful 680-horsepower, 6.3-liter V12 engine...


...and this ride can handle all types of weather conditions, thanks to its innovative four-wheel drive system and slip side control technology.


If those aren't impressive enough, the inside is armed with an array of luxurious features like Ferrari's new Dual Cockpit design and spacious wrap-around sports seats.


 The GTC4Lusso is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.


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