Girls Are Wearing Amazing Nail Polish That Changes Color With Their Moods

As more girls deck their digits out with insane designs, manicures have become a statement piece that is just as important as any other accessory.

Remember when we introduced you to the red bottom nail trend?

Well, if you thought adding a pop of color to the underside of your nails was awesome, you'll be glad to know there's another two-toned nail trend taking the beauty scene by storm: mood nails.

Mood nails let you take your manicure to the next level by using a special polish that switches between different colors, just like the mood rings you used to wear as a kid.

While watching your nails change before your eyes may look like magic, you can actually thank science for these morphing manis.

The top coat of this polish contains a special pigment that changes color depending on the wearer's body temperature.

So, heat will cause your nails to take on the lighter shades, while cooler temperatures will bring out the darker shade of this two-toned polish.

It's pretty much like having two different manis for the price of one.

Now, they just need to figure out how to do the same thing with all of our outfits.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this awesome color-changing mood polish trend.

Forget mood rings...

Mood manis are the newest trend taking over women's hands.

Unlike ordinary polish...

This polish changes colors right before your eyes...

Just like the mood rings you wore as a kid.

You can change the color of your nails...

Without getting an entirely new manicure.

So, it's almost like having two manis in one.

The top coat of this mood nail polish contains special pigments...

That transition between two colors based on your body temperature.

Heat causes this polish to take on a lighter shade...

While colder temperatures transform your digits into a darker shade.

There's also another kind of mood polish that changes colors based on UV exposure.

So your nails will be one color indoors...

And change to another shade once they come in contact with the sun.

Finally, a polish that lets your manicure match your mood swings.