People Are Going Crazy Over This Model With Different Colored Eyes (Photos)

by Julian Sonny

Having two different colored eyes is something we don't see every day, but the condition causing it, known as heterochromia iridum, affects roughly six in every 1,000 people.

If you've ever seen anyone with more than one color in his or her iris, he or she probably has it, and it's definitely not a bad thing.

While it's hardly ever noticeable, model Sarah McDaniel has a unique case where her two eyes are distinctively opposite.

She's been blowing up on Instagram because people just don't understand how this is possible. It's like she's two baddies in one!

Sarah McDaniel is 20 years old and already a published model.

Her left eye is blue, and her right eye is a greenish brown.

While she would've probably been a model without her unique eyes, people are starting to notice her more than usual.

People online actually think she alters her images or wears contacts to pull this look off.

But I swear this is not Photoshop.

Her photographer reportedly told Arsenic magazine, "Anyone that looks unique, I don't Photoshop and I think imperfections are beautiful. I like making imperfections look good, whether it's the atmosphere or the model."

Other than that, her selfie game is too strong.

And if you're not following her by now, you're buggin'.

Try to remember what you were doing after watching this.

Sometimes, I feel like even she forgets what she was doing.

Oh yeah, that's right, being bad.

Being this stunning has to be exhausting after a while.

But when you get paid to be beautiful, it's hard to have a bad day.

Sarah, if you ever need anything LMK.

Because it ain't just about your eyes, girl.

On second thought, it really might be.

Anyway, you're the real MVP.