Mixology 101: What Your Summer Cocktail Says About Your Personality

By Gigi Engle

Summer is all about getting turned up with your friends and having an awesome time at pool parties, on weekend getaways and tropical vacations.

Obviously, you need to have your favorite summer cocktails on deck if you're really going to make the most of the sunshine and live it up.

Every guy has his go-to cocktail while he's lounging in the sun or chilling on the beach. A man's drink choice says a lot about him. Is he sweet or is he spicy? Does he prefer his drinks rum-based or vodka-based?

All of these preferences speak volumes about your personality. Whether you're a mojito man or a Bloody Mary guy, the drink you choose reflects the gentleman you are.

Here is what your favorite summer cocktail says about your personality.

Piña Colada


You're never the kind of guy to sacrifice on taste. You like your drinks fruity and you don't care who knows it.

Your authenticity shines out above everyone else. You light up every room with your sweet, easygoing nature. You do super well with the ladies because you have that chill island-style attitude that women can't get enough of.



You are the life of every party. You are the social butterfly of your friend group. You're everyone's favorite wingman at the rooftop bar because you are just so great at talking to people.

Just like the salt around the rim of your favorite summer drink, you pack a punch. You're very witty and a little loud, but you never miss an invitation.

Vodka Cranberry


You are a dude with a lot of swagger. Vodka cranberry is the perfect drink to get you in the mood for the clubs. It's refreshing and a little bit sweet, just like you.

You're the kind of guy who not only talks a lot of game, but also has the goods to back it up. You're charismatic and super successful in everything you do, whether it is in the boardroom or the dance floor.

Bacardi Limonade


You're a gentleman with a classic charm that is extremely intoxicating. You enjoy the finer things in life.

You are the type of man who enjoys soaking up the summer sun, lounging by the pool with his Bacardi Limonade in one hand and a good book in the other.

You're three parts class and one part freshness, just like your favorite beverage is three parts lemonade and one part rum. You are sophisticated, smooth and perfectly summery.



You're like a breath of fresh air. You're lighthearted and friendly to every person you meet.

You're a person that your friends know they can really count on because you're very dependable. You are definitely the kind of man who commits to the important things in life.

You're looking for a nice girl to settle down with. You have an awesome set of values and real zest for life.

Whiskey Sour


You can be a little frisky but you also have a sweet side. You love your whiskey, but you prefer it with some mix and a maraschino cherry. You're a guy who enjoys the outdoors.

You're the guy on the beach playing volleyball for the entire day and then jump into the ocean for a swim. You love to make the most of your summer fun.

Bloody Mary


You are definitely spicy. You're a bold character with a lot of flavor. You're also health-conscious and are the type of dude to make sure you do all the things you need to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You're an all or nothing kind of guy with a taste for adventure. You're also a shameless lover of brunch and all things brunch-related.


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You like a good beer but you like it with a kick added to the traditional. You feel the same way about life.

You enjoy the simple things, but always like to add a little flavor. You're a super laidback dude who is open to trying new things and new adventures.

You're never afraid of a thrill but you're also down to just chill on the couch and watch the game with your boys.



You belong on a beach in Spain. You love travel and having new and exciting experiences.

You enjoy things like salsa dancing under the stars and soaking up rays on the beach all while you and one of your beautiful lady friends feed each other fruit and sip on your delicious sangria. You are a smooth operator who makes the most of every moment.

Long Island Ice Tea


You are the party animal amongst your friends. Whenever they are looking for a good time, they know you're the one to call. You keep it real and above all else, you're always going to have fun.

You can be a bit of a wildcard, but that's just what makes you, you. You're a free spirit. You're the first one at every social gathering and always the last person to leave.