Badass Young Moms Prove You Can Still Be A Loving Parent With Tattoos (Photos)


Flashing a little ink isn't just for bikers, rockstars and prison gangs anymore.

Tattoos have become more mainstream than ever.

Now, all sorts of people are starting to ink up, and Millennial Moms are no exception.

Unfortunately, there tends to be a negative stereotype toward mothers with tattoos.

But when it comes to being a good parent, its what's on the inside that counts, not what's on the surface of your skin.

At the end of the day, tattoos are just a beautiful forms of artistic self expression that let you use your skin as a bank canvas.

So, in order to challenge the stigma that surrounds moms covered in badass tattoos, we set out to find a bunch of young, inked-up mothers who prove you can embrace your body art while still being a stellar parent.

Hopefully, these kids will grow up to be open-minded and embrace who they truly are, just like their amazing mothers.

Plus, who knows? Maybe these little guys and gals will be rocking their own ink one day.

Take a look at the pictures below to see a bunch of awesome, tattooed moms.

Tattoos aren't just for bikers and convicts...

Ink is becoming more mainstream than ever before...

And now, lots of Millennials are becoming badass, tattooed mommies.

While some people feel body art and babies don't really mix...

The truth is, having some ink doesn’t make you a bad parent.

These Millennials prove you can embrace your body art...

And still be an amazing mother.

Tatted moms are no different than regular moms.

Showing off some sleeves doesn't stop these mama bears from nurturing their little ones...

Or giving their beloved babies lots of love and affection.

These Millennial Moms see the world from different perspectives.

They're never afraid to show off their artistic sides...

Or express who they truly are...

By decking their skin out in all sorts of stunning designs.

These ladies are living proof you should never judge a book by it's cover...

Or a mother by what she has tattooed on her skin.

At the end of the day, it's what's on the inside that counts.

There's no doubt these little ones will grow up to embrace self-expression...

And see the world with open minds.

Not to mention, they'll be just as cool as their inked-up moms.