These Mermaid Tights Make You Look Like You Have 'Greyscale' From 'GoT'


It's no secret that mermaids are definitely having a moment in fashion.

From dazzling aqua hairdos to seashell-adorned accessories, there are all sorts of things you can wear to make yourself look like a mythical creature from the deep blue sea.

Mermaid tights are the latest fishy fashion trend making a serious splash amongst aspiring mermaids.

Created by artist Daniel Struzyna, who goes by the name Tinkercast on Etsy, these siren-inspired tights are covered in a bunch of silicon fish scales that are supposed to make you look like a mermaid IRL.

Now, as someone who's basically obsessed with Princess Ariel, I'll admit, these tights sound like a pretty cool idea. However, I also happen to be a total "Game of Thrones" geek. After taking a closer look at these mermaid leggings, I felt like there was something a little fishy about this fashion design.

This scaly style looked eerily reminiscent of something I had seen on "GoT:" Greyscale.

You may remember Greyscale as the devastating disease Jorah Mormont contracts from one of the Stone Men while sailing through Valyria (spoiler, sorry).

Or as the "Game of Thrones" Wiki defines it,

A dreaded and usually fatal disease that can leave flesh stiff and dead, and the skin cracked and flaking, and stone-like to the touch.

Well, if you ask me, these tights basically look like a colorful version of this fictitious disease from the Seven Kingdoms. But hey, look on the bright side. These things would totally add the perfect touch to your Stone Man Halloween costume, am I right?

Check out the pictures below to see these scaly mermaid tights:

Mermaid tights are the latest fishy trend making a splash in the fashion scene.

Lots of ladies are embracing their inner sirens...

...with some tights covered in silicon fish scales.

If you happen to be a big "Game of Thrones" fan...

...you might notice one little problem with these fishy fashion designs, though.

These tights kind of make your legs look like they're covered in Greyscale.

You know, that fatal disease Jorah Mormont gets while sailing through Valyria...

...that slowly gives your skin a cracking, stone-like appearance?

Well, yeah. These tights pretty much look like spandex covered in a colorful version of this skin-disfiguring disease.

Seriously, Princess Shireen's scaly stone face...

...has nothing on these Greyscale gams.

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