Your Lunches Can't Compare To These Incredibly Healthy And Delicious Meals

I'm pretty sure most people would agree eating healthy is not always an easy thing to do.

However, a little planning can really go a long way when it comes to staying on track.

My trainer introduced me to meal prepping several years ago.

Several pounds lighter and a thousand Tupperware containers later, I can honestly say this little trick will make eating healthy a hundred times easier.

If you're not familiar with meal prepping, let me fill you in.

It basically involves planning and prepping your meals in advance for the week so you can save time each day and keep track of exactly what you eat.

Plus, you can use a scale to perfectly portion each meal and simplify the process of calculating your macros and calorie intake.

While meal prepping used to be something mostly used by athletes, it is now more mainstream than ever.

In fact, this eating trend gained a lot of momentum on social media, and now a lot of people show off their healthy habits on Instagram with #mealprep and #mealprepdaily.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some meal prep that will inspire you to join the meal-prep movement.

If you've been staying on top of the latest Instagram trends... may have noticed some pictures showing lots of food-filled Tupperware containers.

No, these people don't just have a lot of leftovers from dinner.

These health-conscious eaters are simply getting in on the latest meal-prep craze.

If you're not familiar with meal prepping, it's a pretty simple concept.

It involves planning out and prepping all healthy meals for several days at a time...

...and storing each perfectly portioned meal in a container.

Having all your meals ready to go...

Will save you time on cooking during the week...

...and help you keep track of exactly what you eat.

You can keep your meals relatively simple and stick to the basics like chicken and veggies...

...or get creative and whip up a week's worth of gourmet meals.

Meal prepping is the perfect diet solution for people with busy schedules...

...because these portable meals let you eat healthy, even when you're on the go.

Plus, if cooking isn't really your thing, there are even some companies that will do it for you and deliver all your meals right to your door.

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