Game Changer: Sweet Potato Fries Are Being Served At Some McDonald's


Lately, it seems like McDonald's has been looking for all sorts of ways to make its menu healthier.

If you were excited when it switched over to cage-free eggs and started serving up organic burgers, you might want to brace yourself.

The almighty fast food chain just answered all of our hungry, health-conscious prayers by giving its fries a sweet makeover -- a sweet potato makeover, that is.

Yep, that's right. McDonald's is now serving up some insanely delicious sweet potato fries as part of its Create Your Taste menu.

The McDonald's Texas Panhandle Twitter account broke the news like it was NBD, stating the new fries are "the perfect side to go with your perfect burger."

But let me tell you something, Ronald McDonald. This is, in fact, a very big deal, and now people are going insane over the groundbreaking news.

The fries are still in the testing phase, so right now you can only get your hands on these bad boys in Amarillo, Texas.

But it's only a matter of time before these tasty snacks take over the country... and the world.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what people are saying about these awesome fries.

McDonald's took its fast food to the next level by giving its fries a sweet upgrade.

Why don't @McDonalds do sweet potato fries? I think people would appreciate the variety. But that's just one mans opinion. — Joel O'Neill (@neillo93) October 19, 2015

Yep, you can now get a side of sweet potato fries with your Big Mac.

Are these sweet potato fries? @McDonalds — Brian Sozzi (@BrianSozzi) September 6, 2015

The fast food chain nonchalantly announced its latest menu addition through Twitter.

The perfect side to go with your perfect burger. Sweet Potato Fries. #MyPerfectBurger — McD TX Panhandle (@McD_TXPanhandle) October 21, 2015

Now people are freaking out over these sweet potato fries.

MCDONALDS IS TESTING OUT SWEET POTATO FRIES JESUS — kp (@kierstynpare) October 22, 2015

But then again, you can't really blame people for losing their sh*t because they look insanely delicious.

All Day Breakfast and now sweet potato fries. I think its time to buy stock in McDonalds. — Chief (@BarstoolChief) October 22, 2015

Unfortunately, they're only being served in Texas right now. But hey, based on the looks of these bad boys, a quick plane ride might be worth it.

Might have to make regular stops at @McDonalds if they incorporate sweet potato fries into the menu — Flex Luthor™ (@JudusMaximus) October 22, 2015

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