Get Ready To Snack: McDonald's Is Bringing Mozzarella Sticks Coast-To-Coast

McDonald's is really trying, you guys.

Over the summer, the fast-food giant announced its second-quarter profits had dropped 13 percent.

To turn things around, McDonald's announced it would be testing out new menu items to appeal to a larger demographic. Those menu items included a sirloin burger, artisan grilled chicken, all-day breakfast and chickens raised without antibiotics.

Sure, these items are all well and good, but the newest addition may be the best yet.

McDonald's, the world's second-largest food chain, announced it will roll out mozzarella sticks nationwide in 2016.

The chain has been testing the snack option at its Wisconson franchises; however, the cheesy snack was such a hit, the company decided to introduce it to a larger audience.

In July, one local franchisee told Fox,

Our customers told us they are looking for the ability to customise their meals a little more. People are snacking more often these days and looking for more options to create a right-sized meal for them. Mini meals allow them to do just that at an amazing value.

Business Insider is reporting customers get three sticks for $1. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Now, if only McDonald's would deliver them to my house...

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