Man Takes His Dying Dog On An Unforgettable 'Bucket List' Journey (Photos)

There's nothing more devastating than realizing nothing -- not even your pet -- can last forever.

Fortunately, there are awesome ways you can live your life to the fullest with your pet, so when its time comes, you have endless memories to resort back to. Sure, these methods will never replace your pet, but they will help you cope.

One New York man named Thomas Neil Rodriguez took his dog, Poh, on a bucket list adventure after Poh was diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses.

In a recent interview with ABC News, Rodriguez revealed,

It was a great trip. I got to spend seven weeks with Poh. At first, I did not think he'd make it two weeks, but he did.

Poh, who is now 15 years old, came into Rodriguez's life in December 1999.

When the pup's owner took him to the vet earlier in the year, he was told Poh may not live much longer.

Rodriguez told ABC News,

I'm unsure of how long [he will live]. Doctors are unsure. My assumption is that I don't have very long with him and that's what prompted the trips.

After realizing how severe Poh's conditions were, Rodriguez and his fiancée jumped in their car and visited over 35 cities with Poh.

The best part about the trip? Rodriguez made Poh his own Instagram account to share the travels with the world!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Meet Poh and his owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez.

Poh was recently diagnosed with a few illnesses.

Back in February, Poh's conditions worsened.

That's when Rodriguez decided to take Poh on an adventure along with his fiancée, Yuko!

The couple racked up tons of memories as they traveled almost 12,000 miles and visited about 35 cities with Poh.

Together, they visited places like Times Square...

The Golden Gate Bridge...

The Observation Towers from "Men in Black" in Queens, New York...

The Space Needle...

Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, California...

The graffiti-covered walls of Venice, California...

In-N-Out on the West Coast...

The Santa Monica Pier in California...

The New York Hotel in Las Vegas...

...and plenty of other places! That's a lot of memories.

It's comforting to know Poh's owners were able to experience new places with him by their sides.

Keep up with Poh and his whereabouts by following him on Instagram!

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