This Makeup Artist Is Seriously Putting Dead Fish On Models' Faces (Photos)

There's no shortage of bizarre makeup trends floating around in the beauty scene.

Sometimes, these seemingly strange styles can actually end up looking pretty cool.

However, I recently came across an abstract fad that seems a bit fishy. Literally.

Apparently, Elya Bulochka, a makeup artist from Russia, has been incorporating a deep-sea element into her bag of beauty tricks: fish -- dead fish to be exact.

That's right. Bulochka uploaded a few Instagram pictures featuring models with dead fish plastered to their faces.

It turns out this makeup artist was going after a mermaid-inspired look, but something tells me wearing deceased sea creatures on their faces isn't something mermaids do on the reg.

In addition to her morbid mermaid models, Bulochka also reportedly posted a now-deleted photo of herself holding a bag of dead fish with the caption, "Guess what I'm going to be wearing today?"

As you can imagine, this really pissed a lot of people off, and Bulochka received a significant amount of backlash from her sea of Instagram followers as a result.

If you ask me, covering your face in dead fish is pretty f*cking gross and probably smells horrible.  Plus, it seems pretty cruel to kill a bunch of innocent fish for the sake of a weird, creepy photo shoot.

Someone needs to remind this woman fish are friends, not fashion accessories.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this fishy makeup fad.

Russian makeup artist Elya Bulochka recently set out to push the boundaries of mermaid-inspired makeup... plastering dead fish all over her models' faces.

As you can imagine, people are pretty mad this woman is killing fish for the sake of fashion.

Plus, wearing dead fish on your face is extremely f*cking weird, disgusting and cruel.

If rocking fish cadavers isn't enough to make you cringe, Bulochka also experimented with dead bugs in her beauty photo shoots.

I think someone needs to tell her animal carcasses and cosmetics are not the same thing.

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