Lingerie Models Spice Up Morning Commute In The London Underground (Photos)

When it comes to turning heads with the latest fashion trends, sometimes you really need to dig deep for ideas (like, underground deep).

If there's one brand that knows this, it's Bluebella.

Recently, the lingerie company unveiled its latest collection of underwear in a revealing fashion show featuring gorgeous, scantily clad models.

However, the audience members for this show weren't who you would expect to see at your typical high-fashion event.

Instead of designers, socialites and camera-wielding fashion photogs, these lingerie models were surrounded by none other than ordinary people making their morning commute on the London Underground.

Bluebella  transformed the Tottenham Court Road stop into a eye-catching catwalk as models strutted their stuff down the platform, while giving all of the commuters a little something extra to go along with their morning coffee.

Now you may be wondering: What exactly inspired Bluebella to ditch the tent at fashion week for a flashy subway show?

Well, according to the company's founder Emily Bendell,

Bluebella is all about confidence and enjoyment and we thought it would cheer up a few commuters on their way to work to watch a catwalk show with gorgeous models.

In addition to spicing up the morning subway scenery for a few bleary-eyed commuters, Bendell also wanted her unconventional underground catwalk to send a message.

She said,

Great lingerie gives you an inner confidence -- even if you are jammed against other travellers on the morning commute.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this sexy subway fashion show.

Forget the runway.

When you're a Bluebella model, the world is your catwalk.

To promote the new Spring/Summer collection...

...Bluebella transformed the London Underground into a scandalous fashion show.

The eye-catching lingerie models strutted their stuff for all those waiting at the Tottenham Court Road stop...

...and really spiced up the scenery for a few lucky commuters as they posed on the platform.

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