This LED Waterslide Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Time Machine (Video)

Is “waterslide porn” a thing? If so, this is for sure “waterslide porn.”

A German indoor leisure pool called Bad 1 souped-up this standard water slide with a full-on trippy light show.

It's like you're going through some wormhole, but instead of ending up in a parallel universe you just end up like 25 feet away on a lower level.

The slide, called the Black Hole, is pretty much exactly as its name states: A dark slide retrofitted with LED lights to give you the effect of going through a black hole.

Think the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Disney but drier and without “Love in an Elevator” blasting in your ears.

American waterslide companies, step up your goddamn games.

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