This Insane Kitchen Island Doubles As An Enormous Aquarium (Photos)

When it comes to creating some awesome interior designs for your home, you have to pretty dig deep, as in under-the-sea deep, to come up with a truly unique idea.

If there's one person who knows this, it's Robert Kolenik.

Recently, Kolenik set out to create a kitchen that combines his signature high-end design and sustainability with a little underwater inspiration.

However, this Dutch designer didn't take the lazy route and deck out a boring countertop in seashells and sand.

Instead, he took his ocean endeavors to a whole new level of opulence by creating a beautiful countertop resting on an aquarium base that would even impress the likes of Princess Ariel.

Take a careful look at this awesome Ocean Keuken counter, and you'll find it is actually L-shaped. There is a storage section inside the counter, but it is concealed with mirrors to make the aquarium appear larger.

Thanks to its clever design, you can raise the countertop with the simple push of a button to gain access to the aquarium for all those times you want to clean the tank or simply grab a fish for dinner. Whichever floats your boat.

If you're wondering how you can transform your kitchen island into an ocean oasis, you'll be glad to know you can have Kolenik craft one of these custom counters to fit your individual needs.

Each counter features high-end fixtures and eco-friendly designs, so all those other fish living out there in the real ocean will thank you.

The Ocean Keuken counter is sure to impress any siren of the sea and it's pretty much an essential for every coastal bachelor pad.

This kitchen counter swaps out the boring old base...

...with a big, badass aquarium that redefines the meaning of coastal living.

The countertop even raises with the push of a button so you can gain access to the tank below.

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