You'll Never Want Kids After Seeing How Badly These Children Misbehave (Photos)

There's nothing cuter than the sweet innocent face of a child.

Unless, of course, that kid happens to be misbehaving and throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportion.

While kids can definitely be pretty adorable at times, there are other instances when children can be downright dreadful.

Recently, someone who knows the true struggles of parenting created an Instagram account called Kids Are The Worst.

Just as you would expect, this account reveals all of the awful moments associated with having kids.

Seriously, you might want to cover your eyes; things are about to get pretty ugly.

From screaming fits and constant crying, to nose picking, coloring all over the walls, spilling stuff on the floor and destroying things around the house, it's not hard to see living with these devilish delinquents can literally be hell on Earth.

While these photos will make you feel pretty bad for these kids' parents, you have to admit the shenanigans of these little rascals are actually quite hilarious.

However, seeing these screaming, crying, mess-making monsters will probably give you second thoughts about having your own kids one day.

Kids are seriously the worst.

Sally discovered how to use scissors today.

What do you mean you don't like my living room mural?

Grocery shopping can really be a drag.

Hi, Mom. You're home early...

How about a sticky mess to brighten up your morning?

I woke up like this.

I'll have my mashed carrots with an extra side of evil.

No more mirror selfies for you, Mommy!

I did Dad a favor and put his sh*tty novel where it belongs.

But, I'm just helping out with the dishes.

I found Mommy's mascara today.

Your nose looks like it needs a little picking, let me help you out.

There's nothing scarier than a kung fu crying fit.

A bit of Mommy's eyeliner should do the trick.

Kids always have such great manners.

Bathtime is going to be super fun tonight.

I want to help Daddy out with a little shopping.

The flowers looked a little thirsty.