Kawasaki Builds A Bike From The Future That Makes The 'Tron' Bike Look Basic (Photos)

Yesterday was a big day for motorcyclists around the world when Kawasaki decided the Tokyo Motor Show was the perfect setting to unveil their latest, most insane creation to date. Say hello to their new little friend, the Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV.

Remember when you first saw the "Tron" bike and you were just blown away by the futuristic, complex design? This bike reignites that feeling just by looking at it.

Kawasaki says the bike has different driving modes depending on your mood and style. There is a comfort mode, in which the bike actually splits down the middle and opens up to give the rider a more balanced ride.

The unveiled model was just a concept and there hasn't been any word on mass production, future availability, or pricing, but we do know one thing: This is the future. Check out the renderings from Kawasaki below.

H/T: Sploid, Photos Courtesy of Kawasaki