22 Times People Took Their Obsession With Kale Way Too Far (Photos)


Kale seems to be all the rage these days.

This trendy plant is basically the Beyoncé of vegetables, and you're just not cool unless you pretend to enjoy stuffing your face with this insufferable, leafy green.

I'm not really sure how to kale revolution came about, but thanks to its inexplicable rise in popularity, people are taking their kale obsession to new extremes and finding ways to sneak this damn plant into places no vegetable should ever go.

Last week, I was strolling through the freezer section of Whole Foods when I made a terrifying discovery.

Right there before me in that frosty vault was a container of kale ice cream sitting front and center.

After taking a moment to confirm that this sh*t was actually real and not some sort of sick joke, I realized something very important.

If there's one vegetable that doesn't know how to stay in its lane, it's kale.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think it's important to be healthy and eat your veggies.

But those veggies shouldn't come in the form of leafy, green demons floating around in your beloved chocolate ice cream.

Take a look at the pictures below to see all the times kale went way too far.

There's a kale epidemic taking over the world...

...and now, there's no escaping this leafy green.

Cookies are meant to be tasty, not full of nasty vegetables.

At least you can wash that sh*t down with some... KALE SODA??

 You'll scream for this kale ice cream...

...because putting vegetables in ice cream is f*cking terrifying.

If you're more of a popsicle person, don't worry: Kale has ruined that, too!

Is kale butter a carb?

Leave my pasta alone, you leafy green bully.

What in the name of gauc is this monstrosity?

Stop touching my buns, kale.

Oh, kale no. This is just wrong.

 Stay in your damn lane, I'm nacho friend.

Kale has absolutely no business being on pizza...

...or pretending to be meat.

You can't fool us, kale, we know you're in there.

Not even beauty products are safe from this bougie plant.

Ah, the fresh scent of burning kale... said no one ever.

 Seriously, what did kale do to deserve its own holiday?

Poisoning a perfectly good margarita with kale is a crime against humanity.

OK, now I've really seen it all.

Excuse me while I go kale myself.