In Case You Forgot, JoJo Exists And You Won't Believe How Hot She Is (Photos)

If you're like most girls who grew up in the 2000s, chances are you probably rocked Juicy tracksuits, bedazzled the sh*t out of your Blackberry and belted out the lyrics to JoJo's "Leave (Get Out)" whenever it came on the radio.

Seriously, that song just never gets old.

JoJo was definitely one of the most talented kids in the music scene back then, but after releasing her second hit song "Too Little Too Late," she fell out of the spotlight and pretty much vanished from the public eye.

So exactly happened to this preteen pop princess?

Well, just like the rest of us, she's obviously all grown up and over her middle school relationship drama. But that's not all she's been up to.

Thanks to the powers of social media, we were finally able figure out what she's been doing since she left us with "too little" of her music all those years ago.

You might remember her from "Baby It's You," an R&B track released in 2004.

But you're probably more familiar with this photo of her. Yes, we're referring to JoJo. What's she doing these days?

Well, thanks to Instagram, we can keep up with all of our favorite childhood singers and actors. Here she is on the right.

These days, JoJo spends her time hanging out with her dog, who also happens to be a die-hard Patriots fan.

She's taking selfies, of course...

...making sure her swag is always on fleek...

... and living dangerously.

You can find her wearing this awesome dollar bill outfit.

She's been trying to stay healthy.

I mean, staying this fit isn't easy...

But after that, it's back to taking selfies!

And of course, she's staying in touch with her passion -- the music.