iPads Replace Plates At This Restaurant In San Francisco

Nope, sorry, this is hipster nonsense.

I have never found myself thinking, "This meal is delicious, but you know what would make it better? If I was eating it off a video of dogs."

And I love dogs.

"A Dog in Search of Gold" is a dish that can be found at San Francisco's Michelin-starred restaurant Quince.

It is served on iPads.


Why though??

How do you... how do you even wash that? There's gotta be a health code violation for this, right?

Do they just chuck the used iPads away?


"White truffle croquettes on iPads playing videos of water dogs on the truffle-hunt" sounds fake, but OK.

Obviously, the internet was very, very confused by this form of serving dish.


The year 2016 strikes again.


Maybe we could send these iPads to a school instead of using them under rich people's meals? Just throwing that out there.


But if you're still wondering just how in the Sam Hill this restaurant can afford so many iPad plates, the answer is this: The food doesn't really sit on top of one.

The chef and owner of Quince, Michael Tusk, had a custom box designed by a local woodworker to hold the iPad.


Tusk explained,

The iPad slips in and out of the box and we designed a sheath that is cleaned after each order. The food does not directly sit on top of the iPad at all.

Hmm, okay. I guess that's better than what I originally thought of an iPad serving as a dish.


Tusk said,

Living in San Francisco for over twenty years I have witnessed the tech boom and I wanted to combine a little bit of gastronomy with technology and a little bit of education. Truffles and where they come from is always a question that the guest asks about. [This] allows a dialogue to begin and start the meal in a relaxed manner.

Will this inspire a new craze of restaurants showing videos of dogs doing jobs for humans? Oh, God. I hope so. They are so good to us.

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