Best Instagram Account Ever Combines Naked People And Fast Food (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

In case you were wondering, we're about to show you exactly what "food porn" looks like.

We recently came across an interesting Instagram account that belongs to Sarah Bahbah, an Australian photographer.

Aside from the fact that Bahbah takes amazing photos of various people, places and things, her most visually striking compositions happen to be the raunchier ones.

Take one look at her Instagram, and you'll be able to point out exactly what we're referring to.

Bahbah created a photo series that captures people in the nude while eating different kinds of foods. It's literally "food porn," except it's done quite tastefully.

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

What exactly is food porn?

Well, we know what the term means to our generation, but what does it look like in a more literal sense?

Sarah Bahbah might have a bit of an idea!

The Australian photographer created a photo series that bridges the gap between food and sex (if there ever was a gap).

The series is simply titled "Sex and Takeout."

As you can see from these photos, the task is simple.

Get (mostly) naked, and grab some food!

You can even invite your pets to join in. After all, they're technically always naked.

You can either settle for a simple slice of pizza, or you can opt for a massive, awkward plate of Mexican food.

Most of the time, the food is used to censor private parts.

You don't even have to be fully naked. Just make sure you're showing some leg!

Or lacy lingerie -- it's your call!

Bahbah uploads the shots to her Instagram account @raisedbywolvesau.

Looks like someone was really excited to be a part of the series!

Behold, "snack porn."

Can't forget the ice cream!