This Floating Home Is Solar-Powered To Keep Mother Nature In Mind


Everyone knows it can be hard to find a home that is both stylish and environmentally sustainable.

Thanks to Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, finding an eco-friendly waterfront house just got a whole lot easier.

Behold, the WaterNest 100.

When it comes to scoring some insane views, you can't get any better than this. The WaterNest 100 is actually a solar-powered home that floats on the lake or river of your choosing.

Created for the UK-based company EcoFloLife, this awesome residence merges modern amenities with green technology and is constructed almost entirely out of recycled supplies, including water-resistant aluminium and glued laminated timber.

The roof of the home features "amorphous photovoltaic panels" that can produce enough energy to power the appliances inside. This dome-shaped dwelling is also considered as "low consumption," due to its "internal natural micro-ventilation" and air conditioning.

These floating homes are made to order and tend to be a bit on the pricey side, starting around $527,000. But, that's just a small price to pay for the coolest waterfront pad in the pond.

Feast your eyes on the WaterNest 100.

This floating home is solar-powered and armed with a rooftop full of amorphous photovoltaic panels that can produce up to 4 kilowatts of energy per hour.

Designed by Giancarlo Zema, the inspiration for this stunning structure "came from observing the water nests of water birds about the globe in which they can reside and increase their young children in comprehensive harmony with nature."

This 1,000-square-foot house is the epitome of eco-friendly elegance and features a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom that were all designed with Mother Nature in mind.

The entire residence is constructed with recycled materials. Even the furniture is made from sustainable supplies.

These floating homes are made to order and start around $527,000, but all of the eco-friendly features in this house will save you a boatload of money over time.

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