30 Inappropriate Children's Toys That Should've Never Been Created To Begin With (Photos)

by Robert Anthony

When it comes to letting your kid run wild in Toys "R" Us, it's important to remember that not every toymaker thinks the same way we do.

As a matter of fact, there are probably more inappropriate toys on the market for kids than there are appropriate ones.

Most toys subtly feature violence, while others might feature racial undertones that go undetected. Other toys might even just be straight-up perverted.

Let's face it, no one wants their kids around that type of stuff. It's bad enough children are being exposed to inappropriate cartoons and movies on TV without it going detected.

It's damaging to their psyches, which are still evolving every day throughout their childhood years. Think about it: When you were growing up, did you have a toy that might've been deemed inappropriate?

At that age, it's hard to tell things apart, however, it's imperative that parents and the role models who were around us make sure we aren't buying garbage.

Below are 30 inappropriate toys that should've never been created to begin with.

I don't know about you, but the last thing I'd want my kid opening on Christmas is a stripper pole.

This obtrusive coat hook is the epitome of inappropriate toys.

The toymaker who made this obscene Batman water gun wasn't even trying to be discrete.

Was it really necessary to make this "Dora the Explorer" toy look like a penis?!

This little girl's parents need a history lesson!

A whole new meaning to "pocket rocket."

I always knew Winnie was a bit weird!

Are you sure this is E.T.'s finger?

Well, this spout was strategically placed... by a pervert!

Apparently a real-life stripper pole was too much, so someone decided to make this pole-dancing doll instead. Perfect.

The use of human teeth on this stuffed animal is a bit much.

The "3 adorable animals to impale" description says everything we need to know.

This is great if you want your kid to have nightmares for the rest of his or her life!

This is has "creepy" written all over it.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's is the reason why MTV's "Teen Mom" still exists!

"Eyes bulge out and teeth flash." Is this Jolly Chimp on molly?

The last place a kid should learn about puberty is from a naked Barbie. This is just bad parenting!

Some freak of nature just wanted an excuse to sell penis-shaped candies.

I don't care what you say. Any toy that requires you to squeeze its legs together is not for ages 5 and up!

Last time I checked it was unnecessary for Harry Potter's broom to vibrate.

Whoever walked into Lego's boardroom with the idea to make a concentration camp should be fired.

Oh, sure. This inflatable Pikachu toy isn't obnoxiously perverted at all!

Looks like Mattel just needed an excuse to be inadvertently racist.

Stripper pole sold separately.

"Water wiennie expands to giant size for super water power." Why couldn't you just stick to water balloons?!

OK, what's with all of these impaling toys?! Disgusting.

Here's a great excuse to make a pooping toy and use glitter at the same time.

There's nothing right about this hairy ginger doll.

Bonus: The Oozinator

Photos Courtesy: Imgur