The Votes Are In: These 15 Cats Completely Won The Internet This Year


It’s National Cat Day this Thursday! Can you feel the excitement?

In honor of everyone’s favorite feline holiday, Imgur presents the Cat Class of 2015 -- the best the Internet has to offer in the way of cute, goofy and downright hilarious cat GIFs and images that achieved viral fame this year.

The members of this year’s Cat Class competed for the love, affection and upvotes of the funniest feline-loving community on the Internet: Imgur. Capturing nearly 50 million views and over 100,000 votes, the competition was fierce (and furry).

Superlative awards being taken home today by our favorite kitties include “Most Athletic,” “Least Likely To Recycle” and “Most Likely To Start A Prison Riot,” to name just a few of the honors.

But we won’t spoil the joy of looking through this list for you. Go check out the adorableness yourself!

Without further ado, Imgur gives you the Cat Class of 2015 (aka, the most viral Internet cats of the year)!

15. Least Likely To Insult Emeril Lagasse

14. Best Actress

13. Most Athletic

12. Best Cat Stack

11. Most Likely To Live North Of The Wall

10. Most Relaxed

9. Best Kisser

8. Least Likely To Recycle

7. Most Likely To Become Human

6. Most Likely To Start A Prison Riot

5. Best at Staying Calm in High Altitude Situations

4. Most Likely to Achieve World Peace While Napping

3. Most Fearful of Interior Design Changes

2. Most Likely To Use Affection As A Weapon

And finally (drum roll, please), with almost 7,000,000 views and 23,000 votes, the Imgur-crowned 2015 Internet Cat of The Year, the one to rule them all, is Slinky Kitten.

1. Most Likely To Flip Out At Any Given Moment