These Illustrations Perfectly Show How The Internet Has F*cked Us Up

It's no secret our generation is heavily dependent on the Internet and tech in general.

You can see it in line at Starbucks, where people feverishly scroll through their phones, or when you're trying to make conversation with your friend, but the music coming through his or her Beats is just too loud.

In a recent illustrated project put together by Ajit Johnson, the PhD student attending the University of Edinburgh highlights how dependent 20-somethings have become on the Internet.

The series is called #This_Generation, and in short, it's the harsh truth!

Ironically, Johnson posted the series to his Facebook page, where he's managed to get nearly 600 shares (because those numbers are all that matter these days).

Check out the photos below for a closer look at our generation in a nutshell.

The lack of communication between you and your ex is dependent on the block button:

And you're dependent on Google for life advice:

We can take a selfie anywhere:

Your permanent address looks something like this:

You're dependent on Facebook invites to plan your life:

We'd probably die of dehydration over losing Internet access:

The real generation gap:

Our generation's idea of a "date":

We'd rather chat than pick up a book:

And that's mainly because our priorities are all mixed up:

There are no rules on the Internet:

But it disconnects us from what's happening:

And it'll only get worse:

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